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Stainless Steel

Standard ASTM A276
Condition HRAP or SRE
Size Range Width 12 to 150 mm
Thickness 33 to 25 mm (depending on size)
Grades 304, 316
Processing Bar cutting

Carbon Steel

Standard AS1443 or similar overseas standards
Size Range 16 to 190 mm (diameter)
Grades 1020, 1025, 1045
Finishes As rolled
Condition Normalised
Processing Bar cutting to 650mm


pipes and tubes BRASS :Free Cutting Brass, Leading Brass, Foreign Brass, Reviting Brass, Lead Free Brass, Neval Brass.
FORMS : Round Hexagonals, Squares, Rods, Tubes, Sheets, Strips, Foils, Busbars, Plate, Flats, Wire, Tubings, Sections & Bushes.
Size: 1000mm to 2500mm
Thickness : 0.3mm to 25mm

Standard Sizes


1000mm ? 2000mm

1.2mm to 16mm

1250mm ? 1250mm

1.2mm to 25mm

1250mm ? 1250mm
1.2mm to 12mm

14" ? 48"

0.3mm to 25mm